This is probably one of the most must-have technologies in cars toda">
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The best self-parking used cars

22/06/2022 / Comments 0 / 42 / News 2022
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This is probably one of the most must-have technologies in cars today, the self-parking feature. Isn’t it nice to know that precise sensors inside your car’s bumpers, can take over full responsibility in making sure you park your beloved car without stressing about scraps and bumps?

The good news is that it’s no longer a prestigious feature and can be fitted in even the most standard cars, not just a fancy Jaguar or Bentley. Nowadays, most systems take over the steering as you gently either accelerate or brake accordingly. Some more advanced systems will take over the whole process, fully automatically from start to finish.

Ford Fiesta

If you are searching for a quality self-parking system with a smaller used car, you don’t get much better than this fitted extra feature called Active Park Assist, which is normally fitted within Ford’s Parking Pack. The beauty of this feature is that not only does the system park your car, but it also maneuvers you back out as well. For this feature, all you have to do is operate the clutch, throttle, and brake. It’s then a case of following the audible commands and warnings on the information screen, which indicates when to reverse, stop or shuffle forward. 

This feature would normally set you back around £300 to £600, so look out or ask your advisor when searching for a used Ford Fiesta.

Mercedes C-Class

Funnily enough, the C-Class outsold the Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series in the UK in 2021. One reason could be the latest C-Class model has the active parking system fitted as standard. Because everyone knows, when it comes to parking your brand new Mercedes-Benz C-Class, the last thing you want is to be overcome with anxiety when it comes to parking in tight spaces.

Just one touch of a button on your car’s dashboard activates the Active Parking Assist system. It then makes an instant calculation to ensure your Merc can fit in the designated parking space, it then starts the maneuvering process, controlling the steering, and parallel and perpendicular positioning to ensure the perfect park without any incidences at all. All the driver has to do is control the speed and brake accordingly.

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is probably one of the most sought-after cars on the planet. This car has been praised by many as a ground-breaking marvel in the electric car industry. Getting a used one will take some doing but it’s very possible. The Tesla Model 3 has a setup called the Summon function which switches the car to self-drive and self-park an into a garage or a parking space. The driver can be outside of the car and operate the Summon function from the smartphone app or there is an in-car button to activate this feature too. Just press and hold, then the car will take over all the work. Once the button is released, the car will stop.

There is a more advanced version called Smart Summon which gives the used Tesla Model 3 car the ability to navigate through more complex environments, giving the car the capability to drive itself out of space and through a car park, right to your smartphone’s location. This package comes under the Autopilot package which adds approximately an extra £3,400 if purchased new.

BMW 5 Series

A great innovation from BMW which is fitted in the used BMW 5 Series is the technology enabling the car to scan both sides of the road to find a suitable parking space. Once a suitable parking spot is found, this will be displayed on the infotainment screen. You then stop the car, indicate the direction of the space, and press and hold the Parking Assist button which informs the car to park automatically to the spot you delegated. This feature is standard in the used BMW 5 Series car. Also, look out for an additional feature called Reversing Assistant, which enables your BMW 5 Series to memorise the last 50 metres as you drive forwards at up to 22mph, and then will follow the exact same path in reverse. In addition, too, you can also add Parking Assistant Plus, which basically adds extra cameras to the car to give you better visibility all around the car.

Volkswagen Golf

Buying a used VW Golf car that has the additional self-parking option will be without a doubt a very good buy, considering the pedigree of the car and if you are going by the current market value, in line with mileage and the age of the used car. The good news is that any Golf can be ordered with the option of having the Park Assist system installed for approximately £200. Like most other self-parking featured here, the system can detect a parking space and take over the steering to guide the driver into a parallel, perpendicular, or diagonal parking bay. Only the accelerator, clutch, and brake are controlled by the driver.

Volvo XC60

Want a good, stylist-used SUV with a great self-parking option? The used Volvo XC60 SUV is a must-have buy. This car is classed as a luxurious family SUV, and not only does it feel big on the road with its higher ride height, it feels even bigger when you’re looking for a parking space on the side of the road or in a busy Tesco car park.  Don’t worry, with the 2017 model and newer, you can find yourself in the possession of a used XC60 Volvo car with a Park Assist Pilot. With this additional feature, all you need to do is activate and the system will not only scan and measure your chosen space using high-tech ultrasonic sensors but will precisely park the car safely with only the driver controlling the accelerator and brake.

Finding used cars with self-parking

At WOO Carz, based in Southampton we have access to only high-quality used cars, as well as used hybrids, used SUVs, used MPVs, and used electric cars. The must-have add-on our customers are demanding at this time is self-parking cars, which are not only a novelty to have but they work, and in some cases, like with the used Tesla Model 3, their functionality can be jaw-dropping. Even if you currently have an old non-compliance Ulez car, WOO Carz will offer you a fair price for a part exchange

With one of the biggest networks in the UK for sourcing quality used cars, WOO Carz can easily source many cars which we do not hold in our stocklist. Simply fill out a form on our website, speak with one of our friendly advisors, and let us do the rest. All the used cars we sell are fully inspected and HPI checked, and come with a full warranty. 

Once you are satisfied with the used car of your choice, we will then deliver it completely free of charge to your home or place of work, normally within 3 days. Before you take ownership, you are more than welcome to take your chosen car for a test drive and have the vehicle inspected.

To find out more about our current deals and great offers, call us now on 02382543928 or if you would like to apply for fast-response car finance, click here to get approved today.


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