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How to save money on fuel costs

22 / News 2022

After the doom and gloom of the Covid pandemic, it seems like the UK public, especially car drivers, have another crisis to overcome, the rapidly rising inflation rate and skyrocketing prices at the fuel pumps. To fill a 55-litre tank now with petrol can set you back a whopping £100.27 and £103.43 with diesel.

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Can I save money driving an electric car?

27 / News 2022

As we are all aware in the UK, the economy is not looking great, inflation is at its highest rate in decades and the cost of living now is no joke. Many consumers are struggling to make ends meet and searching for ways of cutting back on excess spending. One such topic which is making one of the biggest impacts on the population is the cost of fuel. As it stands at the time this article was written, fuel costs are at an all-time high. 

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The best self-parking used cars

42 / News 2022

This is probably one of the most must-have technologies in cars today, the self-parking feature. Isn’t it nice to know that precise sensors inside your car’s bumpers, can take over full responsibility in making sure you park your beloved car without stressing about scraps and bumps?

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Government backlash for scrapping electric car grants

73 / News 2022

The UK government is facing a huge backlash for deciding to scrap the £1,500 grant for buying electric cars. The Department for Transport said, “the plug-in subsidy scheme was being closed with immediate effect”. The department indicated further by stating the funding would now be “refocussed” towards improving electric vehicle charging.

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The new concept of non-flat tyres

43 / News 2022

We probably see on the side of the road or motorway a car requiring a tyre change or struggling along with a flat tyre, at least once every two weeks. This has finally been addressed by a few car and tyre manufacturers with the introduction of the new concept of airless tyres. One such prototype is from the tyre giant Goodyear.

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