With the emergence of the Omicron variant virus, further shortages o">
Nissan boss warns of further chip shortages – Woocarz Car Sales & Finance

Nissan boss warns of further chip shortages

06/12/2021 / Comments 0 / 117 / News 2021
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With the emergence of the Omicron variant virus, further shortages of microchips used in car production could continue for longer than first thought. This is the stark warning from the Nissan boss, Makoto Uchida.

The CEO also added that it’s too early to say when normal deliveries will resume due to the ongoing pandemic which seems to be re-emerging worldwide. He also went on to say “we have a semiconductor shortage as an industry and how we recover from that is critical.”

The microchips which are most needed and at the most critical levels are mainly for products like cars, washing machines, and smartphones. During the main outbreak of the pandemic back in 2020 the major factories had to close which led to a massive backlog in production in the semiconductors. Another factor that made the shortage even worse was the increased demand for laptops, tablets, and webcams needed for the influx of homeworkers who had no other option but to work from home in order to keep businesses alive and running.

The doom and gloom continues with the cancellation of incoming flights from abroad by Japan in response to the newly detected Omicron variant which was first detected in South Africa.

Nissan’s electrification plans

By 2030 Nissan has proposed the introduction of 23 electrified models, and by 2026 the company predicts that 75% of the business’s European sales will be from their electric vehicles. This is off the back of the announcement by Nissan on the £1bn investment being made in the development of its Sunderland plant into a major hub for the production of its electric vehicles.

Nissan forecasts that 40% of the cars they sell in China will be electric or hybrid by the end of 2026, and by 2030 it expects the same sort of figures for the US market. The reason for the 4-year timescale difference is that the uptake in the US is predicted to be slower.

At COP26 only two of the giant car manufacturers Ford and Volvo pledged to phase out combustion engines by 2040. The likes of Nissan, Toyota, BMW, and VW refused to sign the pledge, which disappointed many of the countries who took part in the summit. But Nissan has decided to invest more money in the development of solid-state batteries which is hoped will ultimately be more efficient than the current industry standard lithium-ion batteries.

The home of electric and hybrid used cars

With the current escalation of the new Omicron variant, the signs point to more and more shortages in vital microchips, also known as semiconductors with no end date in sight when the car manufacturing industry will ramp up production to pre-pandemic levels. Would-be new car buyers are now turning to the used car market and preferably quality used cars that are 5 years or less of age. And by doing so they’re getting a lot more bargains and value for money than buying a brand new car right off the forecourt. Quality used car dealerships like Best Price Car Sales have the ability and resources to meet the increased used car consumer demand. The way this is done is mainly by hosting 100’s of quality used cars on an easy-to-navigate website. Best Price Car Sales offer all customers a full contactless service from start to finish, so you’re able to have access to not only one of the biggest selection of used cars but by speaking to an advisor you’ll be able to discuss part-exchanging your old car too. Once a fair price has been agreed by both parties and payment terms have been finalised by instant car finance or another form of payment you can then arrange for free delivery to either your home or place of work anywhere in the UK.

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